Air cleaning from fume/dust

The Ambity Line ™ control system has different versions of the individual modules, which gives the possibility to build any configuration of the set in terms of the required quantity: digital discrete inputs, digital discrete outputs, analog inputs (in the range of 0-20mA), analog discrete outputs (in the range of 0-20mA), with a total of up to 128 supported measurement channels.

An exemplary control system for a dedusting installation will support:

  • Fan motor (inverter v softstarter, contactor - switch)
  • Motor of a rotary valve or screw feeder or a pneumatic shutter - feeder control in a time cycle
  • Blast valves - controlling the operation cycle of "blasting" valves
  • Measurements (vacuum, compressed air pressure, temperature, dust gauge)
  • Providing data to HMI or SCADA - communication via Modbus RTU RS-485 - exchange of discrete signals and registers

The example solution (according to the attached diagram) uses the CPU module AL-CPU-M.2-A.14i - built-in 4 configurable AI/DI channels (current, voltage or digital) and 4 dedicated DO channels | input ranges: 0-20mA, 0-10V, 0-24V, output range: OC 100mA.

The driver in the presented application supports:

  • Number of analog inputs for measurements: 2 (inlet side pressure, filter side pressure)
  • Number of analog inputs used for control: 1 (MLBI* = start, stop, force clean blow, force open dust valve, auto/manual, clean air return)
  • Number of binary inputs used for control: 0
  • Number of binary outputs used for actuators: 4 (open dust outlet, open blow valve, open air exhaust, start turbine)

* In the scheme, in order to minimize the demand for digital inputs, their aggregation using an analog channel (more about MLBI>). This allows the controller to handle more input control signals without having to physically add additional digital modules.