Product mixers

The Ambity Line™ controller, in the version equipped with built-in measurement channels, is a complete solution capable of controlling the executive system of objects of a concentrated nature, such as mixers, operating on several measurement quantities and several control signals.

The example solution (according to the attached diagram) uses the CPU module AL-CPU-M.2-A.14i - built-in 4 configurable AI/DI channels (current, voltage or digital) and 4 dedicated DO channels | input ranges: 0-20mA, 0-10V, 0-24V, output range: OC 100mA.

CPU module in the presented application supports:

  • Number of analog inputs for measurements: 3 (temperature, water level, weight)
  • Number of analog inputs used for control: 1 (MLBI* = cover position, start, stop)
  • Number of binary inputs used for control: 0
  • Number of analog outputs used for actuators: 4 (V1+, V1-, V2&V3, mixer)

* In the scheme, in order to minimize the demand for digital inputs, their aggregation using an analog channel (more about MLBI>). This allows the controller to handle more input control signals without having to physically add additional digital modules.
The standard controller is equipped with Ethernet and Modbus RTU, which enables data sharing to HMI or SCADA - exchange of discrete signals and registers.