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More about Ambity Line ™ - family of programmable controllers (PLC).

Tailored to your needs

The solution is dedicated to micro and small applications (up to several dozen measuring inputs / outputs) and combines the advantages of compact and modular solutions. The central unit can be equipped with built-in input / output channels, in the amount that meets the needs of most small systems (objects of a concentrated nature, operating on several measurement and control signals, e.g. mixers, fermentors, autoclaves, biochemical reactors, filter units, etc. .). If necessary, the system allows for free expansion, by easily adding further expansion modules (a total of up to 128 measuring inputs and control outputs).
The solution will be used in typical industrial applications (machines, technological lines, food and machine industry, dryers, quality control systems) and in solutions related to technical and building infrastructure (e.g. transport, ventilation, dust extraction systems, clean zones, lighting, boiler rooms, heating and water supply nodes).

CPU Module PLC with built-in 8-channel I/O module | Ambity Line series | EDS CONTROLLERS

Current product offer

List of available devices and their variants .


Configurability and savings

I/O modules with universal channels

The system has I / O modules with configurable (universal) channels. Configurable channels, unlike dedicated channels, can work in various modes - depending on the needs, it can be current input, voltage input or digital output. It is a kind of universal input / output channel.
In the group of I / O modules you can find variants where all channels are configurable (universal) in the full range of types available for other modules. Such a module can replace any other variant from the same product group (AL-IO-A). Thanks to this approach, a user who has built a system of modules with dedicated channels (lower cost of commissioning the installation) does not need to have a large number of modules in case of failure (typically at least one spare for each module variant). It is enough to have one or two pieces of modules with fully configurable channels. Thanks to this, in the event of a failure, the maintenance engineer will have an appropriate backup module. This approach reduces the risk of downtime, shortens the repair time, and at the same time significantly reduces the expenditure on spare parts inventory.


Optimal use of opportunities

"Multi Level Binary Input" (MLBI) and "Multi Level Binary Selector" (MLBS)

Other interesting optimizing solutions include minimizing the demand for digital inputs by aggregating them with analog channels and using the "Multi Level Binary Input" (MLBI) and "Multi Level Binary Selector" (MLBS) functional blocks in the user program.

MLBI allows you to replace several digital inputs with a single analog input. It increases the functionality of the controller (greater number of possible input control signals), without the need to physically add additional digital modules. The solution correctly identifies the simultaneous activation of many digital inputs (limit switches, buttons), returning appropriate information about all activated inputs. MLBI can be successfully used as a keyboard to operate the user program (start, stop, pause), with simultaneous support for auto / man (bistable) switches.

MLBS, on the other hand, is used to operate multi-position rotary switches. It allows you to identify a total of up to 64 different switch positions. The variant based on the current input enables easy implementation of a set of several multi-level switches, e.g. 3 4-position switches or 2 8-position switches (up to 64 combinations of their positions in total).

MLBI and MLBS circuit diagrams

Scheme of operation of MLBI functional blocks .
Scheme of operation of MLBS functional blocks .
Scheme of operating a set of 2 rotary switches with an MLBS block .


Easy to assemble and use

Mounting on a DIN rail

Type O, 35 mm

Mounting on a DIN rail with the use of built-in latches (apply-and-press type).
The solution does not require additional brackets or adapters.

Bus connector

Mounting, replacement or extension directly on the DIN rail

Individual modules of the system are connected by means of a communication bus installed inside the DIN rail, which prevents mistakes in the wiring.
All inputs and outputs are equipped with a disconnectable terminal block.
Installing or replacing modules is quick, easy, and does not require disassembly of the controller.

Enclosures made of hihg-quality plastic

Polyamide (PA66), UL 94 V0, IP 20/DIN EN 60529

The material used for the casing is characterized by the flammability and fire safety class of plastics UL 94 V0.
High mechanical strength while maintaining resistance to deformation.
Compliance with the requirements of EU and UL standards.

OLED display

0.9” OLED, monochrome, 128 × 64 px

It enables direct access to key information about the operation of the device or the process being carried out.

Built-in keyboard

PET foil front, function buttons

Intuitive functional functions enable menu operation and modification of the control force and the process itself.

The entire hospital to be operated under the conditions of:

  • disabling the activation of operation, also with gloves on with gloves,
  • protective membrane, which shows that we are doing the activities,
  • the front of the device, with a transparent flap, preventing the safety of the buttons.